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While the sun goes 'round
I'll still be found
Following the sound
Something's calling me
When the world goes drifting back to bed
Memories in my head
Wonders follow me





No, but what gets me in this movie

is that every woman is beautiful to Giselle.

Women who wear suits and aren’t cute and petite. Women with wide hips and large rear ends and small breasts. Women who are black and white and every other ethnicity she came across, I’m sure. Women with straight hair and natural hair and grey hair. Older women and middle-aged women and young women.

Everyone is beautiful to Giselle. There’s no reason anyone wouldn’t be beautiful. There’s no reason beauty should ever be just one thing, that being a princess should ever be just one thing.

Everyone is a princess to Giselle, and if one of the princesses politely corrected her and said they were a prince she’d probably nod earnestly and talk about how dashing and handsome they looked too.

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The ice palace was an extension of Elsa, it reacted to her emotions very noticeably throughout the film. So when Anna knocks on this door it simply reacts to Elsa’s unconscious feelings. So of course it opened to Anna’s knock. Because that was all Elsa wanted to do for 13 years.

Love is an open door.

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All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water. And that’s the tragedy of living.

—Iain S. Thomas (via mylittlebookofquotes)